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Watchdog’ says it’s down to just two GOB’s in Kirkersville


And then there were two…

Two GOB’s (Good Ol’ Boys) left, that is! Just like phlegm from a bad chest cold, the February council meeting in Kirkersville coughed up yet another GOB’s resignation. Zoning Inspector Tom Fredericks resigned his position effective January 30th!

The fiscal officer also read the written resignation of former King of the Good Ole Boys former Council member Bennie Evans who claims he resigned January 1, 2009. Evans’ resignation boasted of 13 years of community service and reminded everyone to “remember the oath of office.” What a joke! Evans must have one of those “do as I say not as I do” policies!

Evans’ reign as King of the GOB’s was about as far from fair, honest and impartial as it gets, in my opinion. He had family members appointed to several paid positions. One of his immediate family members worked with a company that contracted with the village for THOUSANDS of dollars a year!

Evans’ reign reminded me of a quote from my long lost cousin, Sam, whom you may know as Mark Twain: “Sometimes I wonder if the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it!” But things are looking up in Kirkersville. As I said, there are only two GOB’s left.

According to public records, GOB Brian Denton maliciously caused LIES to be entered in the permanent records of the village. In a special council meeting, Denton said that Debi Seymour and I cost the village “hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees” and that an “order was issued (saying we were) not allowed to sue the village for frivolous reasons.” What Denton failed to say is that Debi and I were sued by Evans and his GOB’s for asking for PUBLIC RECORDS. That suit started an onslaught of several legal issues. Taxpayer’s dollars were used, WITHOUT PERMISSION, to file a law suit against us. That suit was dismissed in the Licking County courts at the request of Debi and I to SAVE the tax payers THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in legal fees!

Ironically, at the February 4th council meeting, the clerk read a letter from the insurance provider about an “Employee Dishonesty clause.” But it’s not really what it sounds like. It’s really to make sure that the village’s coverage is appropriate regarding the operations of the sewer plant.

Also in the February 4th meeting, it was announced that previous police officer(s) were involved in missing evidence as well as missing money from the evidence room. One guy whose money ($674) was stolen, now wants his knife back! In addition to his money, it was reported that another $64 is also missing from the evidence room. Still missing is the evidence CD’s and personnel file that the former police chief took with him. Apparently he’s not in a hurry to return them and is challenging the village to do something about it since he was given an opportunity to just give the village property back!

In this meeting, I made the statement that it looks like they had a good team of council members. I am confident that five non-GOB members will cancel out the antics of the last of the Good Ole Boys of Kirkersville. The two remaining GOB’s are:
A) The Solicitor
B) Brian
C) Imbeciles who really mean it
D) All of the above
Bonnie Mansfield
Buckeye Lake

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