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‘Watchdog’ says GOB’s outdo New Romans


Well, the Kirkersville GOB’s (Good Ole Boys) have outdone themselves this time! In fact, I believe they have also outdone NEW ROME! I am told that anyone who didn’t attend the December council meeting in Kirkersville missed quite a show! (Now I know why the Mayor and Council sit up there on a stage!)

In a last ditch effort to keep the GOB system alive, these characters have put Bennie Evans (who was defeated in the Mayoral race in November but is Mayor until January 1st) on council. Council member Bobbi Miller will be moving and, therefore, is resigning effective December 31. In the meeting, just as though it had been rehearsed, Mayor Evans tells Council President Jimmy Kincaid that he can run the meeting. Mayor Evans then sits in the audience as Jimmy Kincaid reads Ms. Miller’s resignation letter. Jamie Cloud (Jimmy Kincaid’s sister) moves to appoint Bennie Evans to Ms. Miller’s seat. After Brian Denton seconds the motion, council members appoint current Mayor Evans to fillBobbi Miller’s council position for the remainder of her term! Five members voted for this appointment INCLUDING Ms. Miller herself. Steve Piatt (the mayor’s son-in-law) did abstain.

I wonder what Steve Martin (who lost in the November council race) thinks of the GOB’s for not appointing him to this council seat. One good thing that was reported during this council meeting was that Mike Cloud announced that he would also be resigning effective December 31. To that I say, “HOORAY!”

I do have a correction to make in my letter in last week’s Beacon. I mistakenly referred to Brian as “Brain.”It’s an honest mistake. Trust me…that’s one name I would not intentionally call him.

Here’s some Mayor’s Court totals for October:

Buckeye Lake $2177.10 Hebron $1800.00

Kirkersville $6520.00

Beginning in January, not only will there be a new mayor (Terry Ashcraft) but there will be two newly ELECTED council members: Gary Raines and Erika Mudd. But will this new team be able to control the antics of the old GOB’s? Stay tuned as this saga continues! And, by the way, when you see any of the GOB’s (Mayor Bennie Evans and council members Jamie Cloud, Brian Denton, Bobbi Miller, Rosemary Frischen and Jimmy Kincaid) at the post office,gas station, etc., please be sure and tell them what you think of their latest stunt that not even the New Romans tried!
Bonnie Mansfield
Buckeye Lake

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