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‘Watchdog’ says driver deserves refund


The Kirkersville good Ole Boys cringe when they are referred to as New Rome wannabes. But yet they continue to read from the same script as the New Rome players. As some of you may recall, the fall of New Rome started with a man getting a speeding ticket and then proving that the posted speed limit signs were not even enforceable. New Rome had no regard for the law and forced that man to pay a fine. Does this sound familiar? It should because the same thing just happened in Kirkersville.

Recently, 15 m.p.h. speed limit signs on Loop Road were removed and are believed to be in violation of Ohio law. These signs were removed after a man got a speeding ticket that some believe was unwarranted and not legally enforceable.

I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Starr who wrote to the Beacon last week. It IS the duty of the Kirkersville Police to KNOW the law. They should not be writing tickets on illegal signs and IF THEY DO it is then the duty of the elected officials to right what has been wronged. They should give the money back to the gentleman who was fined since they were not legally permitted to enforce such a speed limit. Plain and simple – money from illegal enforcement is ill-gotten gains. They should also reimburse anyone else who was illegally fined. Instead of Mayor Jim (Bennie) Evans doing the right thing and getting this man reimbursed, he is making things worse by now saying that they are trying to lower the speed limit on Ohio 158 from 50 mph to 35 mph. Maybe the local businesses will put out some collection cans to get this man’s money back since Boss Hogg and the Kirkersville good Ole Boys won’t!

The irony in all of this is that the ordinance to enforce the 2006 municipal traffic codes in Kirkersville was passed by the Kirkersville Village Council as an emergency with only four members rather than FIVE as required by Ohio law!

Bonnie MansfieldKirkersville

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