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‘Watchdog’ responses


According to the December council minutes, Police Chief Chamberlain took a moment to update everyone on speed and traffic primarily patrolling Route 40 and County Road 40. They are noting the speeds are getting higher. However, one Kirkersville Kop works an eight hour shift and his log sheet notes that the entire shift is spent on the freeway. Another officer’s log sheet indicates he works a 12 1.2 hour shift, but only has three entries ALL of which are traffic stops on the freeway and FOUR hours is spent on each stop!

Also in the month of December, one cruiser was driven 1,258 miles and generated a fuel bill of $318.41 for 110 gallons of gas. I also did a comparison of Mayor’s Court totals and came up with the following figures for December and the year end totals for 2007:

December/2007 Total
Buckeye Lake $2,144.00 /$31,828.70
Hebron $2,205.00/$24,795.00
Kirkersville $5,722.50/$57,953.80

Computer Jerk Bill Harper took in $382.50 for the month of December. Melissa Tremblay, assistant to Village Clerk Adkins, was paid $287.50.

Acme Elevator Service was paid another $3,879.90 which was, according to Mike Cloud, higher than originally estimated because the state wanted more improvements done. Seems Mike Cloud has a problem with exceeding estimates since he also went over estimates for tree removal in November.

And in response to Bill Harper: I don’t recall ever having told ANYONE they don’t have the right to speak. But I may have commented that he has something to gain by convincing residents that they need to pass the operating levy which paid for his $30 per hour job that he helped create for himself.

While I certainly appreciate the prayers, whomever reminded you to pray for me should have also reminded you about libel. I don’t think for one minute that you really believe that I am in anyway malicious, vindictive and certainly not prejudiced!

I’m not sure why you accuse me of having “associates,” but please be man enough to name who you are referring to and what these “associates” do. I write my letters alone unlike you who needs Puppeteer Bennie Evans and Wanna be Puppeteer Mike Cloud’s hand up your back since you apparently are unable to think for yourself.

If Bennie Evans’ (or any other Kirkersville public official’s) life is being ruined, it is by his/her own deeds, not mine. After all, if these officials weren’t such characters, I would have nothing to write about!

And, lastly, Mr. Harper, I see that you have chosen to sign your letters “Computer Jerk.” While you were looking up words in the Websters Online Dictionary, you should have looked at one more:

Jerk – Noun 1. A dull stupid fatuous person.

2. An abrupt spasmodic movement.

3. (mechanics) the rate of change of velocity.

4. A sudden abrupt pull.

Bonnie MansfieldBuckeye Lake

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