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‘Watchdog’ responds


In response to Dan Harper: The current Kirkersville Police officers and other staff were hired by five of the current village council members (I don’t think the most recent member was involved in the hiring).

One of the current council members WAS a friend of mine. So, to some degree you’re right. I do believe that some members of this council have the potential to become GOB’s (Good Ole Boys) and, trust me, I am watching… and if it sounds like a GOB and acts like a GOB…I will call it a GOB!

And, Mr. Harper, regardless of how stupid you feel the cat issue is, it really is a serious problem. It’s a problem for the responsible pet owners who will be the only ones punished; for people who don’t want to see animals go hungry; and for the cats themselves as well as others. Cats are not the same species as a dog and, therefore, cannot be controlled the same. You cannot simply catch cats and take them to the pound because 1) the pound isn’t going to take all of them; 2) there are no laws on cats and the cat can be killed immediately upon entry to the pound; and 3) if you establish that someone who feeds a cat is the owner and you catch that cat and destroy it, then haven’t you denied the cat owner the right to redeem his property? But can you imagine the town where no one is willing to feed a hungry animal? Imagine a community of people with no compassion. It’s not hard to imagine.

At the Sept. 1 council meeting, a spouse of a council member said he was tired of hearing about cats and seemed to take offense that I was there to help with the problem. What he may not have known is that I was INVITED (by his wife) to the meeting and to bring others who could help educate officials about ways to solve the cat problems. I brought people with solutions to these problems. Let’s see if the council is willing to resolve the problem.

And, about the dog problem: I am disappointed but not surprised that commissioners are putting current Licking County Dog Pound Office Manager ,John Silva, in Jon Luzio’s position as Director or Chief dog warden…head dog catcher…whatever he calls himself.

Silva was the dog warden in Cuyahoga County and was employed there until March 15, 2009. However, he was hired in Licking County on March 9, 2009. Silva stated on his Licking County application that he had euthanasia training (EBI) through the Ohio Pharmacy Board. I spoke to the Ohio Pharmacy Board and they assured me that they have not/do not do EBI training!

A year later, Licking County commissioners paid for Silva to be trained again because he allegedly couldn’t find his training certificate. I don’t know about you but I would expect more out of a $47,000 per year office manager who received a $1000 raise before he had even been there one year!

I do not believe Silva has ever euthanized an animal in Licking County so why would they have trained him at all?!!! They could have saved a few hundred dollars by getting his EBI training cer tificate from his file in Cuyahoga County. They would find that he was trained through the HSUS (Humane Society of the United States)…not the Ohio Pharmacy Board…not the American Humane (the commissioner’s clerk called them thinking maybe they had trained him).

Although the gas chamber at the pound hasn’t been used since April, and the gas bottles have been removed, the gas chamber still remains and can quickly be used if they choose to do so. The gas chamber shouldn’t be such an issue. It is barbaric and inhumane.

Commissioner Doug Smith will be asking for your vote this fall. Maybe he and the gas chamber can be removed at the same time. I saw where someone had posted a comment about the gas chamber in a plea to the commissioners. I think it is appropriate…”Cut the crap. Remove for scrap!”
Bonnie Mansfield

Buckeye Lake

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