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‘Watchdog’ pleased writer had good experience with hurt dog


In response to Mike Karn’s letter in last week’s Beacon: I am glad that your experience was positive and ended with the dog being saved. However, the lady that showed up on the scene was NOT a pound employee. That was Paula Evans who is a commissioned humane agent for Licking County and she works for Homeward Bound Humane Society (aka Licking County Humane Society). The man on the scene was one of the newer pound employees and he was there because the dog was a stray. I have no complaints about either of thesetwo people and I know they did a professional and compassionate job with a dog in need.

Ms. Evans is a positive change for our county. She also has her own humane society in the Johnstown area and works very hard keeping lots and lots of dogs and cats from ever going to the pound.

It is certainly your prerogative to think my letter is “negativity.” But I consider my letter complaints on public employees and I am reporting my experiences to the public! We all have the right to know what services our money is buying.

My biggest issue is still with the management at the pound, John Silva. He is the “Interim Dog Warden” and needs to pack up and go back to Cuyahoga County. Paula Evans should be the dog warden and I think lots of people agree…maybe even you, Mr. Karn!

Bonnie Mansfield
Buckeye Lake

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