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‘Watchdog’ keeps an eye on the pound


In my letter in the October 18th Beacon, I wrote about two pound employees moving a camera at the pound. These two employees, Tyler Moore and Larry Williams, didn’t just “readjust” the camera…they moved it to aim at the floor. Moore and Williams came from the Knox County pound before being hired here in Licking County.

I’m not sure if they moved cameras at Knox County pound nor am I sure WHY they moved them here. But while they were moving the camera, head Dog Warden John Silva was sitting in his office with the door open. (You can view the video by going to and searching for Licking County Dog Pound.)

Another day of viewing video tape from the pound shows a day in January when at 4 o’clock two employees leave the pound and head for home in the new pound truck. (Two and sometimes three of the male employees use the new pound truck as their ride to and from work on a regular basis.) Just after the other employees leave the pound, head dog warden John Silva unlocks the door and lets a woman in. The woman is carrying a dog wrapped in a blanket. She lays the dog on the lobby floor of the pound and proceeds to fill out paper work while Silva makes a phone call.

The dog continues to lie on the floor and obviously can’t stand or move around. After several minutes, Silva makes another call and the woman leaves the pound. The dog is still lying on the floor. Silva turns the lights out in the lobby; turns the lights out as he goes down the hall; lays a paper on a chair beside the dog; goes outside and moves his car to the front; and then comes back into the pound and goes into his office. Approximately 35 minutes after 4 o’clock you can see the pound truck pull in. One employee comes in the back door of the pound and goes into the lobby where the dog is still laying. He picks the dog up and takes it to the garage. A couple of minutes later, you see the pound truck pull away. Silva is still in his office but leaves a couple of minutes later.

Although the employee who came in the pound and picked up the dog could have written down that he worked until 4:30, he did not. But the employee who had left in the truck with him – and never appeared on camera – did write that he worked until 4:30 that day. In addition, I have no idea what happened to this dog because it, like many others, was not logged in to the pound records.

To be continued….

Bonnie Mansfield
Buckeye Lake

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