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‘Watchdog’ has income suggestion for Kirkersville


I hear that the Kirkersville GOB’s (Good Ole’ Boys) attempted to have a council meeting on Sept. 5, but not enough council members showed up. However, several residents did show up. Mayor Bennie (Jim) Evans allowed a meeting to proceed in which my letters here seemed to be part of the topic. He tried to convince everyone not to believe ‘what you read in the paper.’ The information that I print about Kirkersville is from the records that I get from the Village Clerk Johnny (Bob) Adkins. If they’re incorrect (and I don’t believe they are), take that up with him and the council for approving the minutes that he creates. The information I print about Bennie (Jim) Evans’ work at the county as the Licking County Rehab Inspector is from the public records I get from the County…and so on!

At this same meeting, Police OfficerChris Martin was permitted to address the public to try to convince them that my letter about him and another officer shooting pellets at each other was not true. But apparently, he made himself look even worse by admitting that it DID happen and added that he received three days off for his role in that tomfoolery. From what I hear, he also tried to give a shady version of his contribution in court cases against my children. I will be checking the records to see if OfficerMartin was on the clock! Were your tax dollars at work here?

The following week, the GOB’s had their council meeting. A story in the Beacon about it was titled “Is Kirkersville a speed trap? Well, it depends…” In this story, the Village Clerk Johnny Adkins tried to soften the punch of the Mayor’s Court income by saying that $1600+ went to the state. The income was almost $9,000 for ONE MONTH, regardless of what they had to pay out.

Evans thinks the operating levy is more important than the contract with Southwest Licking Sewer and Water. I contend the opposite. The public gets to VOTE on the operating levy, whereas water will be forced upon them! I told the village clerk that I believe public hearings regarding the water contract are required (especially since you will be assessed if you DON’T pay the monthly fee even though you don’t hook up). He says the public isn’t involved in Phase I. But, guess what! It is the public money they are spending and the public will be paying back the money (almost a million dollars) that they are borrowing and Phase II will be next! Still think the public isn’t involved? I encourage people to check out the cost of filtering and even reverse osmosis (which would give you bottled drinking water quality water) on their own wells. It is a lot cheaper than the water they’re going to pump back to you which you will still, no doubt, need to soften or filter before using. I challenge the GOB’s to PUT THE WATER ISSUE ON THE BALLOT! That’s the way to findout if the residents want to pay a water bill for the rest of their lives!

And to Mike Cloud who is quoted as saying, “If we don’t get the tax levy passed, nothing can be done.” He said the price of aluminum has increased three times since January. “You can’t buy stop signs for $30,” he said. How many signs does a tiny little village need? The May 2, 2007 minutes say that “35 signs had arrived and would be put up as soon as possible.” I found where a bill for $424 was paid to Kleem (sign company) on May 9th. But according to the June 11th minutes, council “motioned to allow $500 for new signs!” That’s OVER $900 in signs in only two months! Maybe if the operating levy fails, Mr. Cloud can scrap all those signs and keep the village running on what he will get for the aluminum!

Bonnie MansfieldBuckeye Lake

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