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‘Watchdog’ finally gets billing records


After the November council meeting in Kirkersville, soon to be former Village Clerk and GOB (Good Ole Boy) Johnny (Bob) Adkins said he couldn’t give me public records (itemized bills for Debbie Kenny and Bill Harper) because he had to have Debbie Kenney research to see if I could have them. He babbled on about a “commercial use” exception to the public records laws. I told Mr. Adkins that AFTER ALL THESE YEARS he should know that I am NOT selling information or using it for commercial reasons in any way! When he keeps records from me it makes me wonder what he’s hiding. He said he had been busy and had to train two new employees. I questioned how he could train ANYONE since he doesn’t know what he is doing himself and is obvious since he has had a PAID $20+ per hour assistant! His comment was, “I can show them where the bathroom and post office is.”

Nevertheless, Ms. Kenney’s answer was that Adkins could give the records to me. So, after a couple of months, I have the itemized invoices that I have been requesting. I have been trying to answer the question, “did Ms. Kenney get paid for attending special meetings that had to be created because of her mistake (ordinance to hire the Village Fiscal Officer) and it appears as though she did. She charges $100 PER HOUR and she was paid $180.00 to “draft ordinance re: fine increase, attend special meeting” on September 23rd. On September 24th, $150.00 to “attend special council meeting.” This is all in addition to the $300.00 that she was paid on September 3rd to attend the regular council meeting. The village paid her $630.00 just for meetings in September.

I have gone to several village, township and even county commissioner meetings in Licking County. No other entities that I know of have a solicitor attending their meetings on a regular basis. It seems wasteful to pay her to attend meetings, especially since her response to many questions is that she’ll have to do some research.

Since the police department only took in less than $600 for the month of October, I believe they could save money by doing away with mayor’s court. They would save the cost of paying a clerk, a magistrate, AND a solicitor to attend court!

After reviewing itemized invoices of former computer “specialist” Bill Harper, I believe that he was backing up computers that the state was also backing up. It was announced at the November council meeting that it will cost about $2 per month to back up each of the village’s computers (4) except for the police videos which will be about $100 per month. Still, this is far less than the village was paying to Bill Harper.

And in response to Bill Harper’s letter in last week’s Beacon: My comments stand and were NOT taken out of context as readers will see. Although I was a few minutes late getting to the meeting and missed your recitation, I was told that you read a letter and I did get a copy of it right after the meeting. Your letter, IN MY OPINION, is childish and portrays you as a very bitter person! I am glad that you resigned and I wish you well in life… BUT…I believe your resignation is the best “value” you have provided to the Village of Kirkersville since you became a GOB!
Bonnie Mansfield
Buckeye Lake

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