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‘Watchdog’ fighting to get more public records


Recently, someone contaminated a local church by bringing politics to the altar. This is a church that I do not attend, but more than one GOB (Good Ole Boy) does attend! My name was placed on a written prayer list which had several different categories of prayer. I was in the category that, I believe, implied that I did not have God in my life.

I assure everyone that God IS in my life and walks with me every day. Had He not been in my life, I may have been making PERSONAL attacks just the way some of the GOB’s have done to me. So, I say this again, what I write is POLITICAL, not personal, and is focused on what public officials are doing in their official capacity. The state has “SUNshine” laws so maybe the church could establish “SONshine laws” where their focus would be on God, not the local politics.

With that in mind, it looks like the sun and the Son was shining on Kirkersville October 27th. The outcome of a seven minute special meeting to hire a fiscal officer retires yet another GOB. Kirkersville hired Fiscal Officer Metheny to take over for Village Clerk Johnny (Bob) Adkins. She will be paid $10,000 per year for her services. GOB Bennie Evans and Jamie Cloud weren’t present at the meeting.

Several recent attempts to get public records from GOB Adkins have failed. The records I have requested included itemized invoices for the services provided to the village by Village Solicitor Debbie Kenny and the former Computer Jerk. I have questioned WHAT ‘computer services’ was the village paying for; and WHAT meetings was Ms. Kenney paid to attend. In a public meeting, a citizen asked if Ms. Kenney was paid to attend meetings that had to be held because of mistakes made by Ms. Kenney. I believe this is a legitimate question and deserves to be answered. Hiding records and ignoring people will only result in more questions! But, rest assured, a ‘Writ of Mandamus’ will get answers!

Bonnie Mansfield Buckeye Lake

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