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‘Watchdog’ doesn’t need help with fleas


“Hello. You have reached the Kirkersville Police Department. If you’re trying to reach the Pataskala Police Department, their number is… Once again, you have reached the Kirkersville Police Department. Leave your name, number and a message…” After being assured that I had not reached the Pataskala Police, I left a message for the Kirkersville Kops.

I received a return call from the interim Police Chief Chris Martin who was not very cordial after I asked him “where” they destroy the old evidence! Some of the records note that evidence (guns, drugs, etc.) have been destroyed. But WHERE is the evidence being destroyed? Some police departments in Licking County use the incinerator at the dog pound. If Kirkersville Kops aren’t destroying their evidence at the dog pound, then WHERE are they destroying the evidence? Martin was defensive and asked “What is your question, Bonnie?” I repeated that I wanted to know WHERE they destroy evidence and asked him if he was able to get me the Evidence Disposition Forms from the case files that are signed by the magistrate and show what happened to evidence such as money. I heard him say something about being busy just before the ‘click’ (which I’m pretty sure was him hanging up on me).

According to public records, Kirkersville Kops turned in two receipts for “items that were purchased with the money (provided to them by the village) on July 19, 2008.” One receipt was for $7.80 for postage. The officer notes – “not mine.” This receipt is dated March 9, 2006 (two thousand and SIX)…two years BEFORE they got this (petty cash) money!

I would like to extend “kudos” to the officials from the Ohio Department of Agriculture who were very quick to react to residents (including my family members and four or five other children) that were sprayed with the mosquito spray by a Union Township employee. The employee driving the truck stated that the spray “wouldn’t hurt people” although he had no idea what he was spraying. The employee was supposedidly trained, but doesn’t have an applicator’s license and should have had the pesticide label in the truck. He apparently forgot his training because here is a direct quote from the training manual:

“Never apply pesticides so they can get on people – either directly or through drift. Make sure no people, pets or livestock are in or near the area.”

Union Township sprays MasterLine Kontrol 4-4. One of this spray’s active ingredients is Permethrin. Permethrin is also used as an active ingredient in flea sprays. Thank you, but this ‘watchdog’ will take care of her own fleas!

Every now and then I get a letter or phone call from someone who has been trying to ‘find’ me for a while and has looked through back issues of the Beacon for my number. Anyone wishing to reach me may call me at 740- 964-9651.
Bonnie Mansfield
Buckeye Lake

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