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‘Watchdog’ corrects statement


Oops! In my last letter, I said that Jamie Cloud abstained on the vote to hire a new magistrate. However, she actually took Ms. Kenney’s advice and voted for the new magistrate. Her abstention was on the vote to paint the crosswalks at the school!

In fact, three council members voted to paint the crosswalks while GOB (Good Ole’ Boy) Council member Denton voted “no” and Cloud abstained from the vote. GOB Evans was absent from this meeting.

In the same meeting, Interim Chief Chris Martin told council that the speed bumps in South Alley were “starting to peel on the ends” and he was concerned about liability! That’s laughable! A Kirkersville Kop concerned about the village being liable!

The Mayor’s Court income for the month of July, 2008 was $3161.00. Last year, under the reign of former mayor Bennie Evans, the mayor’s court took in $8536 for the month of July.

It appears to me that the new mayor and three council members may be able to muffle the voices of the few remaining GOBs. Could it be possible that Kirkersville may not need a watchdog by the beginning of the New Year?!

Bonnie Mansfield Buckeye Lake

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