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Watch out for more taxes


Watch out Buckeye Lake taxpayers. After reading last week’s Beacon, I see council wants another three mills from us. I believe council members need to look at the whole picture before asking us for more money.

For example, a number of villages are using bicycles for police patrols. They save money on gas and allow police officersto patrol in very congested areas. Bikes could be very effective in Buckeye Lake.

With apparently more water studies on the way, we need to make sure that we don’t end up paying a higher no water bill. A betting pool on what year we will actually get water might raise quite a bit of money. The safe bet is we’ll be paying for all these studies forever. Maybe we should check in with the Mayberry folks for some ideas.

Meanwhile, we’re now arguing about how to spend a $10,000 donation. It sounds like it belongs to the firedepartment, but maybe we should put it away for a rainy day.

Brenda Hileman Buckeye Lake

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