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Was truck struck on purpose?


Sometimes you have to see it to believe it. Recently I was filming the construction of the Cooperrider Road turnaround. Township road worker Jack Hedges was driving a loaded dump truck back and forth to compact the stone surface. Each time he went further backwards.

Then we heard a big bang as he backed into Trustee Jeff Chorpenning’s red pickup, damaging the door frame and cab. His only comment was “well I told him to move it.” Does that mean he hit it on purpose? He didn’t need to back up that far and three people were available as spotters. If he really thought it was in his way, he could have stopped the truck and made sure Chorpenning knew to move it.

I think he tried to hit the truck and here’s why. Mr. Hedges has made it clear that he wants to push all Chorpenning’s buttons and ultimately get him out of office. Mr. Hedges is a very experienced truck driver and the truck has big mirrors. Plus the pickup was there when he drove up. He was backing about 10 feet more than needed and the pickup was parked in a grassy area.

You can watch a U-Tube video on See how Mr Hedges reacted and then YOU decide if it was a simple accident or not!

The Ohio State Highway Patrol was called to investigate and Mr. Hedges was cited. One can only guess what is going to happen next.
Will ‘Watchdog’ Kern

Bowling Green Township

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