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Warming weather brings out potholes, repairs

LAKE AREA – As the snow melts away, possibly for the season, lake area village street departments are left with a grim but not unexpected discovery – potholes. Road crews will be out in force during the next several weeks trying to catch up to all the damage subzero temperatures, road salt, and moisture have caused.

“The Village of Baltimore has a lot of street repairs to perform,” said Baltimore Administrator Scott Brown. He said the majority of the potholes would be repaired with the village’s Dura-Patcher. “The street department will be working steadily over the next several weeks making repairs,” Browns said.

It wasn’t just potholes keeping road crews busy. “The Village had several water breaks this year,” Brown said. He said in the areas where there was a water main break. Village crews sawed through the pavement to excavate the street. “These locations will require hot-mix asphalt,” Brown said. “Most likely, the village will pick a week in May and fix all of these spots at once.”

“While I can’t say we don’t have any potholes in town, we are really lucky compared to some other communities,” said Hebron Mayor Clifford Mason. “Over the years, we have worked hard in maintaining the streets and are realizing the benefits of doing so now.” He said Hebron’s public works employees work hard and will be out patching potholes as needed as their schedules permit. “They continue to work diligently at identifying what we can do to help with the water issues we are all too familiar with,” he said.

“The potholes just appeared overnight,” said Millersport Mayor’s Assistant Vince Popo. He said crews have already filled 60 potholes and may be looking at 80 more to fill during the coming days. “As soon as the weather breaks even more,” he said, Millersport road crews would try to bring the roads back up to shape. “You get salt mixed with the water and it just eats away at the roads,” Popo said. “It’s not fun.”

“I have asked the street department to put together a summary of the trouble spots so we can try to prioritize them and form a plan of attack,” said Buckeye Lake Mayor Clay Carroll. He said the village has so many streets that it will take some time organize the summary.

“We have some main roads we have to get to and we know it,” said Thornville Administrator Beth Patrick. She said about three main roads and several alleyways require repair. “Church Street is pretty torn up,” she said. Patrick expects crews to patch village streets during the next couple weeks, and maybe longer if thawing temperatures cause more potholes. “This is going to be an ongoing project,” she said.

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