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Warden’s retirement isn’t soon enough


The last John may have been flushed at the Licking County dog pound. Licking County Dog Warden John Silva is retiring effective October 1st of this year. I hope his retirement is peaceful but I also wish it were sooner.

Perhaps he could get the EMA Director to move him back to Cuyahoga County in one of the county vehicles since it seems to be okay to use a county vehicle for such purposes.

Silva came to Licking County and actually, in my opinion, took our county dog pound backwards. Where we once had five humane officers, we now only have one and she is employed through the humane society NOT the pound. The pound used to take cats and dogs being surrendered by their owners. Now they do not!

I was concerned when I heard that a woman took her dog (a pit bull that had killed a cat by nearly biting it’s head off) out on a back road and dumped it. A written statement was provided to the pound (in addition to everything that they would have needed to file charges) that she dumped the dog on the same back road where the pound picked it up. I was furious that not only did they not charge her for abandoning this dog but they made her take it back!

In response to my concerns for not charging this woman for dumping her dog, I was told by Deputy Dog Warden Tyler Moore that they only enforce the section of the law pertaining to licensing dogs. But when I checked court records, I found that they had enforced ABANDONING AN ANIMAL on someone else and it was Moore who had done so. So if they only enforce dog licensing, why do they need bullet proof vests, handcuffs, guns, etc.?

More next week including an update on Kirkersville…

Bonnie Mansfield
Buckeye Lake

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