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‘Wake up and smell the coffee’


As I sit here at my house, I marvel at the misinformation given to Buckeye Lake residents by other residents who mistakenly think that “they are in the know.”. It is like shooting oneself in the foot.

It is not about the fire department, but rather their EMS component. Simply said, they are different, very different!

I attended a recent Council meeting and was shocked at the RUDENESS of residents to each other. Where is the sergeant of arms? No wonder we cannot get things done here at the lake. When people speak out against other people, it usually means that they cannot get beyond the messenger to listen to the message, sad.

Wake up and smell the coffee folks, our EMS service has major issues, not the fire department even though EMS is under their control. Perhaps the two could be split, just a thought.

“ Is this a great Village, or what.”

Marie Ray
Buckeye Lake

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