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Voters urged to support Issue 2


If you are as sick of the partisan gridlock that infects all of our politics as I am, then join me in voting FOR Issue 2. Currently, our insane hodge-podge of districts load a clear majority of one party in almost every district, resulting in races featuring “true believers.” If those running had to appeal to the whole population of their district, then moderate positions would prevail, and “compromise” would not be a dirty word.

The proposal was created by a non-partisan group, including election experts at OSU. Every single citizen initiative regarding redistricting has been vehemently opposed by those in power, as it keeps them in power. In 2008, one party received 53% of the vote, but the other party kept control of the State Senate due to gerrymandered (specifically cut up) districts. This is NOT what democracy should look like.

Just once I would love to see the Buckeye Lake region under a single representative! The map now look like someone hung a blank canvas and let kindergarten kids throw pain on it. When the rules are rigged, the “game” will never change. Support Issue 2.

Pete Myer

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