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Voters urged to reject additional levy in Walnut Township


Last year, Walnut Township School District asked voters to replace a 1.25% income tax with a 1.75% income tax for the next ten years. To get it passed, they decided to spare retirees and fixed income individuals. If you have income from Social Security, pension, disability or interest you don’t pay this 1.75%. It passed so the fixed income folks skate and the working “Joes” foot the bill. What a deal!

Property was reappraised in 2013. It’s required and if our property is worth more we will pay more property tax. Most property increases so here’s another increase for the schools.

Now it’s the May 6, vote. The district is asking for money and not a small sum. This time every property owner will pay more – an additional $242 for each $100,000 of evaluation. This is on top of your current property tax and income tax for the schools.

Walnut Township Schools has declining enrollment. According to the Columbus Dispatch enrollment has dropped 10.6% in Walnut Township Schools since the 2009- 2010 school year.

People, we have a problem here! Enrollment is dropping and we are being continually asked to increase our taxes to support the district. The Walnut Township School Board needs to either find a way to increase enrollment, cut costs, or consolidate and become part of a bigger school district.

If Walnut Township School District residents continue to pay more taxes to support the school this will never be brought under control. It just won’t stop, EVER!

Vote NO on ISSUE 6!

John J. Allen
West Bank

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