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Voters asked to support Issue 4


I am a resident of Millersport and would like to express my support for Issue 4 for the Walnut Township School District. It is a critical part of the funding for our wonderful school district.

Both my wife and I graduated from Millersport High School. We are very happy that our children now attend this school district. You will not find an atmosphere like what we have here anywhere else.

Our district’s kids are great kids to be around. I say this as a coach and seeing how they act towards other kids in sporting events. For example, a young man from another school was injured during a game and afterward our kids went over to shake his hand and wish him well.

Our kids participate in every facet of our community from singing, playing in the band, community service, to sports and academia. Teachers and administrators do a great job at cultivating young men and women who will become great members of our society.

I take pride in paying this tax to support our kids like other residents did when I was going to school here. This revised income tax will not impact our local retirees and such. This is good since many of our local retirees help throughout the community. I hope that others will support our kids by voting YES for Issue 4 to help our district continue as one of the great schools in this county.

Thank you Walnut Township for what you helped me to become – alumni, former US Army officer, village council member, husband, and father.

Dustin Bidwell

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