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Vote ‘YES’ on Issue 11


I urge the voters of Walnut Township School District to vote “YES” on Issue 11. This is a RENEWAL, not a new tax.

We have a unique and wonderful school district. We are staying viable and strong in the midst of tough economic times. We have been able to stay the course on upkeep and improvements when other schools around us struggle. We need to pass this RENEWAL so that our school remains strong. The young people in our community are counting on us.

Walnut Township Schools has prudent financial management and a strong new administration. They are creative problem solvers while keeping the good of our students at the forefront.

My family and I are alumni of Walnut Township. I have a child in college, one in high school and one in elementary. What I know firsthand is my oldest went to college excited and ready for her college career. She has done well in her academics, athletics and her extracurricular activities. Her teachers and coaches at Walnut Township, from K-12, can share in her success. They helped build a strong foundation. They are doing the same for my younger children and I know they will be prepared to pursue their future when the time comes.

I believe the administration, staff and students of Walnut Township Schools are committed to moving forward and pursuing excellence. Please support our kids and community and vote “YES” on the RENEWAL for Walnut Township School District, Issue 11.

Dina Reasoner

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