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‘Vote for our Lions’


On May 6, voters in the Liberty Union – Thurston School District will be asked to renew a 0.5 percent school income tax. This is not a new tax, but simply a renewal of an existing one that has been around since 2005. This time we are being asked to make it a permanent (continuing) tax.

The total school income tax (1.75%) revenue accounts for one-fourth of the school district’s funding. During the difficult economic times Ohio in the past five years, the district has not asked voters for more money. The district has made significant cuts to live within its budget. Faculty and staff have not received pay raises and many areas and programs are understaffed. Even now, additional tax is not being requested, only a renewal of the existing tax.

The district is just completing the new construction and renovation of facilities so our children have a state-of-the-art learning environment. We have one of the first school buildings in Ohio to have an energy saving total geothermal heating and cooling system.

I urge you to support our excellent LU-T schools by Voting for our Lions on May 6.

I urge you to support our excellent LU-T Schools by Voting for Our Lions on May 6.

Art Brate

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