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Visit to Vietnam Memorial brought back memories


Over the week-end our family visited the travelling Vietnam Memorial and to see the 58,000 names on the wall was sad to say the least. It brought back memories of friends that served in the war that were painful and emotional.

Fifty eight thousand of the best and the brightest men and women of our country never got the opportunity to reach their full potential in life. Being from a blue collar steel producing area (Stark County), our population had a greater number of service personnel than others. Stark County had such a high number that Life Magazine featured it in one of their issues.

I have always had a hard time with our federal government because they never gave our military the opportunity to fight the war to win. Never were our people given the go ahead to invade the north and put an end to the fighting. That was the most tragic lesson, not having a clear goal of winning. When you put the military in harm’s way, make the sacrifice worthwhile. Even in sporting events, the goal is to win not contain to a draw.

I have friends to this day that bear the scars of Vietnam. Many of them know what it’s like to be ignored and rebuked because they served. The ultimate goal is to win and anything less than victory is unacceptable. Vietnam Vets are finally getting the recognition they deserve, but it is long overdue. That must never happen again to our military. It was only fitting that the wall was in our area during Veteran’s Day.

The Veteran’s Day program at Millersport High School was a school wide event that featured winners of the American Legion Essay contest and performances by the choir and band to honor our local veterans. A side effect of the program was the creation of a joint effort by the Millersport Lions Club and Millersport High School to put together packages and letters for active members deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan that are from the immediate area. If you want to be a part of the program contact the school or the Lions Club.

Despite all of our issues, the Buckeye Lake Area is a great place to live and raise our kids.
Vince Popo

Liebs Island

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