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Village officials are ignoring EMS problems


When I read The Beacon last week, I was really shocked to see that our elected village officials had blinders on. There seems to be three monkeys in the village administration: Hear No Evil, See No Evil and Speak No Evil.

Hear No Evil – that would be Mayor Rick Baker. When Mayor Baker was running for election and stopped by the Fire Department to see if there were any problems, he was told “yes” but he has chosen to ignore any problems. He’s still doing that to this day. Those must be super strong earplugs he has! Oh that’s right, he’s too busy being Buckeye Lake’s Playboy. I’m sure if Buckeye Lake needed a poster child, there would be a much better choice.

See No Evil – that’s Council Member Crickett Ruton. She’s been a member of the fire department for many years and she supports what’s going on. Shame on her! Oh that’s right, she needs to be down at the department and making runs to see what is going on. She has also been on council for several years so it seems that would be a conflict of interest that she has any say regarding issues at the fire department. Oh that’s right…she’s part of the problem down there! Just what is her role at the department?

Is she a volunteer or an employee? A few months ago she said she was a volunteer medic but at a recent council meeting, she claimed to be an employee. Village residents pay for her continuing education to keep her medic card but she doesn’t use it. That’s another waste of our tax dollars. I guess since she’s a lieutenant, her husband is a captain and their good friends are the Millers, the fire department is in good hands. I sure hope none of those hands in the clique have to treat me.

Speak No Evil – Council President Charlene Hayden. She’s been on council for nine years and claims to represent the residents. Last week when The Beacon asked her about the fire department, she said that village officials need to become more knowledgeable about the fire department overall in order to support it’s staffing and scheduling problems. How much time does she need to become familiar with the fire department? Maybe we need term limits. I wonder if she talks with residents to learn their concerns? She sure doesn’t seem to address the concerns during council meetings. What a shame.

I overheard our elected officials on August 27 say that former council member Peggy Wells is just a troublemaker and that she didn’t know what she was talking about. When Fire Chief Pete Leindecker got in her face and was using profanity and calling her a liar, the elected officials should have realized what kind of mentality he has. It was hard to miss hearing or seeing his behavior. The saddest part is that they allowed this to go on from a village employee while he was in the capacity as fire chief at a public meeting. Chief Leindecker needs to be suspended without pay or better yet removed. Peggy Wells does do her homework. She does investigate and present the facts. She cares about this village and the residents. She needs to be our next mayor!

The problems at the fire department are not going to be fixed with the current administration. They need to listen to the residents of this village and clean house at the fire department. THE VILLAGE OF BUCKEYE LAKE IS PUTTING A FIRE LEVY ON THE BALLOT IN NOVEMBER. I URGE ALL RESIDENTS TO DEFEAT THIS LEVY! We need to stop giving them our taxpayer dollars, and force them to remove the leadership at the fire department. I pray that another life is not lost before changes are made. God help us all!

Amiee Raphael
Buckeye Lake

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