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Video-taping trustee supported


I have not seen on the political horizon any Republican official or candidates supporting Bowling Green Township Trustee Jeff Chorpenning in his fight to use a video camera as a tool to help those in his community view what has taken place in public meetings.

I am a third party candidate and I support the use of this tool that will help keep the public informed on issues that affect the tax payers. After all, Trustee Chorpening paid for his own equipment to make sure this process will help the common person with what takes place in their neighborhood.

Also this tool can be useful as a safety net for the public and the officials at meetings in case anyone gets out of control and also to document what concerns the public have over certain issues.

That’s my view of another political ghost ship that has been abandoned by its officials in Licking County, Ohio.

James Snedden Jr.
Licking County

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