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Van Buren introduces himself


I am Mark Van Buren, candidate for Licking County Commissioner. This election is about issues, not political labels, which affect the quality of life for all residents. For instance, 99 Licking County bridges are determined to be deficient. Our county roads are deteriorating because of the lack of funding, yet Licking County’s projected carry over is 14.3 million dollars, 27% of the yearly expenditures. Even with the large carryover your fees (taxes) were raised.

Another issue is development. How do you see Licking County developing over the next year, the next five years, and the next 20 years? Is there a proper mix of agriculture, residential, recreation areas and businesses? Now is the time to plan the future of Licking County. An issue that I believe in is returning the voting places back to our local communities. I was instrumental in returning the polls to Hebron and will work to return the polls to Buckeye Lake.

The Licking County Commissioners need to be the leaders when confronting these issues and many others. I can provide this leadership with my experience as a former County Commissioner, being appointed by the Board of County Commissioners to several boards, starting my fifth term as a Harrison Township Trustee and my agriculture background. But most of all, I believe Licking County is a great place to live and work. As your County Commissioner, I would dedicate my time and effort to making our community even better. Thank you for your vote.

Mark Van Buren
Harrison Township

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