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Union Township sets resurfacing plan

HEBRON- Motorists will have a smoother ride on some Union Township roads as the trustees approved several repavings Monday night.

Palmer, Clarks, Canyon, and Dewmar roads will receive a chip and seal coating at an estimated cost of $74,664. Old Farm and possibly Bending Oak roads will be crack sealed, and the section of Swamp Road between US 40 and I-70 will be repaired at an estimated price of $45,000. “It’s by far the worst road we’ve got in the township–by far,” said Trustee Jack Justice, referring to Swamp Road.

Trustee President John Slater said Fairmount and Granview will only receive a crack seal until the trustees figure out what to do about the “concrete driveway dilemma.” He explained that several residents on Fairmount and Granview have expensive concrete driveways and object to chip and seal paving because the “chip,” or crushed rock that’s used in the mix, tracks and sticks onto the concrete driveways as the chip and seal dries. Hot seal paving will eliminate the problem, but it’s at least four times as expensive to hot seal pave a road than it is to chip and seal it, he said. The township can’t afford hot seal paving. “We’re kind of held at ransom,” said Slater. The trustees are exploring ways to eliminate tracking on concrete driveways in a cost-effective manner.

In other township news:

• Justice concluded that the township wouldn’t be able to enforce jake brake restrictions at the intersection of US 40 and Ohio 37 even if a sign is posted, as requested by resident Bill Garrett. During an earlier meeting, Garrett told the trustees that trucks are using loud engine compression brakes, or jake brakes, to slow down as they approach the busy intersection. The noise, said Garrett, disturbs the people who live near the intersection. “A lot of guys are running empty. They just want to make noise,” he said.

Justice said Monday that the township would need to have proof that the jake brakes are being abused and, technically, jake brakes are a safety device. “There’s a lot of negatives that go along with it,” he said. “We haven’t ruled it out, but it’s not looking real good.”

“You can drop it,” said Garrett Monday night.

• The trustees discussed lowering the speed limit on Beaver Run Road between Thornwood Drive and Ohio 37 from 55 mph to 45 mph. Nothing is final, said Slater.

• Slater mentioned that a group is attempting to move the Buckeye Central Scenic Railroad, currently stationed near Lakewood High School at the intersection of Lancer Road and US 40, into the Village of Hebron. Hebron Village Administrator Mike McFarland said Wednesday that members of the group have approached Hebron. McFarland has sent the group questions asking its members to definethe group’s vision for the project and discuss how it plans to fund the project. Without the answers to those questions, said McFarland, it would be difficultto proceed with any plans. He explained that the Buckeye Central Scenic Railroad has only three months left on its lease. When the lease ends, it will not be renewed by the T.J. Evans Foundation, which owns the rights to the track. At that time, the railway will likely become a bicycle trail. No final decisions have been made by anyone regarding the proposed move to Hebron; the project continues to be in the discussion phase.

• The trustees decided to stay on schedule and hold their next regularly scheduled meeting Monday, Sept. 3, 7 p.m., which is Labor Day. The majority of the trustees opted to meet despite the holiday.

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