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Unbuildable lots still valuable


I’m writing about the concerns of some Millersport residents about the failing seawall along the canal and the possibility that the Ohio Department of Natural Resources no longer wants the responsibility to maintain the wall and that the Village of Millersport may be willing to give up some village-owned property along the canal.

I would hope that village officials think long and hard before making a decision. This is waterfront property close to the lake and therefore it holds a little more value than the fire lanes that have been abandoned in the past. There are people that would pay a good price for a non-buildable lot where they could dock a boat that close to the lake! Selling this property would benefit the village and all its residents.

I also want to comment on the statement, “All we’re doing is taking care of it for you since 1985’ and “why can’t you abandon our’s.” I have been a canal-side property owner since the 70’s and have never referred to the public property as ‘our’s’ – it belongs to all the people.

Hope Logsdon

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