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Tuesday meeting set to discuss lake water levels

HEBON – Pete Myer, of the Honey Creek Homeowners Association, announced last week that dam project spokesman Ian Nickey has agreed to meet with residents from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, July 26, in the Lakewood High School Library. Attendees should park in the south lot since the north lot is closed for repairs.

Myer said the meeting will focus on the concerns of east end residents about water levels for the next three years. However, everyone is welcome to attend.

Myer said ODNR’s current plan to allow only two additional feet of water over their new ‘winter pool‘ until the project is totally completed sometime in 2019 will mean only about four inches of water above the old winter pool for most end east residents.

Myer cautioned that while Nickey is not a decision maker, he is willing to learn more about the effects on the east end of the lake. He hopes the meeting will end the rather persistent belief in Columbus that the lake will have “five feet of water” during the next three years.

Myer added that this a chance to let Nickey know why the recently granted two feet of additional water is inadequate. His informal survey of east enders, both residents and businesses, found the general consensus is that an additional four feet of water is needed, not the two granted on May 26.

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