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Trustees to discuss fire protection options Nov. 17

HEBRON – Union Township Trustees will discuss plans and options for fire protection service during their Nov. 17 meeting.

“We’re going to lay out the proposals and go from there,” said Trustee Jack Justice Monday night. The trustees will invite representatives from the Cincinnati based Kramer & Associates – an emergency services consulting firm the trustees hired to determine if there are any alternatives to paying Granville Township $50,000 per year for fire service, Granville Township Fire Chief Jeff Hussey and Hebron Fire Chief Randy Weekly to discuss Kramer & Associates’ findings.

Kramer & Associates was hired early this year after the trustees learned that the Granville Township Fire Department would charge Union Township $50,000 per year to provide fire and EMS service for the area of the township north of the CSX railway. The Hebron and Buckeye Lake fire departments serve the rest of the township. Until this year, the township’s most expensive contract with the Granville Fire Department was $18,000. In previous years, the contract was only $14,000.

This year, the trustees paid Kramer & Associates about $14,000 to research alternatives. Previously, Trustee President John Slater said he wasn’t interested in an independent Union Township Fire Department because it would be an impractical duplication of Hebron’s services. The trustees have considered, however, creating a satellite fire station on 13 acres of property near the intersection of Blacks Road and Ohio 37. Eventually, trustees hope to build the satellite station, a new township hall, and storage facilities on the property. But, the trustees need to determine if a satellite station will improve response time enough to warrant the expense.

The relationship between Union Township and Granville fire began when there were two parallel CSX railways through the township. Both lines were busy and trains often blocked emergency vehicles’ access to northern Union Township, prompting Granville to service the area. Over the years one set of tracks was removed and train traffic diminished, but the existing railway is becoming busier.

In other Union Township news:

• Canyon Road resident Arnold Smith said water from a drainage pipe isn’t soaking into the ground and collecting near the pipe. The township serviced the drainage pipe previously. Slater said someone would see if the ditch could be leveled. Smith also asked if the township could trim the weeds around the ditch because he’s physically unable to do so.

• Justice said someone installed a “no trucks allowed” sign at Beaver Run Road and Ohio 37. “It misrepresents the road,” he said, adding that it needs to be removed. Justice said he’d try to find out who placed it there. “If it’s not legitimate, we need to take it down,” he said.

• During the Sept. 22 meeting (postponed from Sept. 15), trustees accepted a bid from the Shelley Company to motopave and chip & seal Deeds Road from Whitehead East to Ohio 37 and Hayes Road from Granview to Whitehead. The bid for the Deeds Road project is $83,712.25 and the bid for the Hayes Road project is $63,787.75. The total is $147,500.

Justice said there may be additional work needed on other roads, including repairing and fog sealing areas in the Reserve, and some patching south of what was paved last year on Swamp Road.

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