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Trustees to bid extensive list of road repairs

UNION TOWNSHIP – Five mowing contractors submitted bids Monday night to mow and trim four township cemeteries and around the township complex on Beaver run Road. Trustees expect to award the contract at their May 5 meeting.

Trustee President Rick Black said previously the township would either have to bid the mowing out or hire another seasonal worker to mow so township crews can devote their time to road repairs. It’s a matter of which method is more cost effective.

Trustee Charles Prince initiated the process after learning that the township’s two-man, full-time road crew was spending nearly 50 percent of their time mowing the cemeteries and around the complex during the summer. “They are much more valuable working on the roads,” he explained.

Trustees received the following bids:

• All Ohio Power Washing & Landscaping- $465

• Ohio Valley Lawn and Landscape $380

• Motivated Mowers- $350

• TNS Lawn Service- $610

• Lakewood Lawn Service- $470

“I think we’re still ahead to contract” for services, Prince said, adding that it would alleviate some of road supervisor Dave Cable’s management duties.

Black said trustees would check references and insurance coverage before awarding a contract.

In other township news:

• Prince said the county will dismantle a bridge at 3532 Beaver Run Road in early May and replace it with a concrete box culvert. The Licking County Engineer’s Office set a five-ton weight limit on the bridge after discovering that its I-beam support structure is deteriorating. The bridge is about one-half mile east of Gale Road. The engineer’s office is responsible for all bridge repairs on county and township roads.

Price said Beaver Run Road could be closed at the bridge for up to three weeks once construction begins.

• Trustees are ready to send extensive road repairs out for bid, but they’re unsure the township will be able to afford everything they’d like to accomplish. Black said trustees would have a better feel for how much can be accomplished once the bids are in. “We know we can’t do all of this,” he said, adding that it would be at least a month before the township reviews any bids.

Trustees received cost estimates from the Licking County Engineer’s Office, and trustees’ road repair wish list includes:

• Resurfacing 2.209 miles of Granview Road, possibly with hot mix or motor pave. Slater said motor pave has worked well for Deeds Road. “It’s still an awesome road,” he said. Trustees agreed it may work well, depending on price, for Granview Road as well. All other paving would be chip seal.

• Chip seal Canyon Road, Seminary to Lees roads.

• Resurfacing all of Balbriggan Lane, Ballylinn Drive, and Carlingford Drive.

• Resurfacing 0.25 miles of Drougheda Court.

• Resurfacing 0.20 miles of Glendalough Place.

• Resurfacing 0.55 miles of Connemara Drive.

• Resurfacing 0.17 miles of Fairfax Court.

• Chip seal 0.13 miles of Owens Drive

• Chip seal 0.77 miles of Duck Run.

• Chip seal 0.07 miles of Reinhart Drive, and,

• Chip seal 0.08 miles of Jones Drive.

• Prince represented the township at the County Engineer’s Township Highway Safety seminar last week. He reported that the single yellow center-line on a portion of Blacks Road is now prohibited by the updated Uniform Manual for Traffic Control Devices. It must be either removed or replaced with a double yellow line.

Trustees are still waiting for the county auditor’s office to break down the township’s income from its three fire levies by fire contract service area. Prince proposed that Granville Township and the Village of Hebron be paid last year’s amounts rather than continue to hold funds waiting for the auditor’s breakdown. Black and Slater agreed and payments of $40,000 and $105,000 respectively were approved.

Five-year contracts approved last December with both fire service contractors give them 100 percent of the levy income generated in their respective service areas.

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