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Trustees still looking for steeple buyer

UNION TOWNSHIP – Going once? Going twice? Not going at all.

No one bid on the steeple that used to adorn Union Township’s new office. Trustees hoped to sell its steeple for at least $500.

“I think the $500 minimum bid washed us out,” said Trustee Rick Black. “They’re looking for a bargain.”

Township Administrator Paula Greene said she’d speak with the Licking County Prosecutor’s office about what to do next. “(Assistant Licking County Prosecutor Austin Lecklider) doesn’t know what to do with it,” said Greene Tuesday. She assumes the steeple will be offered for bid again, but she’s waiting to hear from Lecklider as to the proper procedure. “People want it for free,” said Greene, who was surprised there were no bids. She thought there were a couple of interested buyers, but no one materialized. Trustee President John Slater said trustees might lower the minimum bid or even give it away.

In other township news:

• Trustees will challenge the annual renewal of Mill Dam Corner Grille’s liquor license at a 2:30 p.m. hearing on March 4, in Room A at the Licking County Administration Building. The township and the tavern have sparred for months over parking on Mill Dam Road. The township is trying to keep Grille customers from parking on the east side of Mill Dam Road based on concerns that it’s unsafe for pedestrians to cross the busy road to reach their vehicles. Several “no parking” signs were erected at the site, but they disappeared.

Greene said previously she had permission from the county engineer’s office to erect the “no parking” signs. “Liquor control wants to know if Mill Dam isn’t cooperating,” she said previously. Greene said she’s had “conversation after conversation” with the Grille.

“By no means are the trustees trying to shut down the bar,” said Slater previously. He wants the establishment to expand its parking on its own side of Mill Dam Road so pedestrians won’t cross the street.

• Slater said trustees will drive township roads March 10 or 17 to determine which are in need of repair. “Things will show up once we have a thaw,” he said. Slater said once the weather warms any road damage will become obvious.

• Trustees reviewed a list of roadways in need of tree trimming. Slater said the following list still needs to be prioritized:

*Blacks Road from Beaver Run to 982 Blacks;

*Canyon Road from Halley Lane to James Road;

*Deeds Road from Ohio 37 to 1610 Deeds Road;

*Granview Road from 4525 Granview to 4684 Granview;

*Beaver Run Road East from Ohio 37 to 1017 Beaver Run Road;

*Canyon Road from Hebron to bridge;

*Canyon Road south of Owens Drive (the woods area);

*Beaver Run Road east near McDonald’s Auto Repair;

*Beaver Run Road west from 2249 to 3369 Beaver Run Road; and

* Beaver Run Road west around 3676 Beaver Run Road.

Crew Leader Dave Cable suggested trimming trees along entire roads instead of jumping from section to section along the roads that particularly need trimmed, such as Canyon, Blacks, Beaver Run, and Deeds. He said doing so would take care of nine of the 10 worst areas.

Slater said previously that the trustees would explore hiring a professional company to help trim large tree branches from power lines. “First of all for safety and so we don’t kill these trees,” he said. Slater said the township’s aging equipment couldn’t be fitted with blades and saws large enough to trim some branches. Township crew leader Dave Cable identified the areas where help is necessary. Trustees have no estimates on costs for service yet.

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