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Trustees start list on road repairs

UNION TOWNSHIP – Union Township Trustee Rick Black described township road inspections as a “work in progress.”

He said during Monday night’s trustees meeting that trustees have begun to tour the township and inspect its roads for damage, but no firm decisions as to which roads will receive what work have been made. He said the township created a list of all its roads, which are being inspected one by one. Black said some township roads, such as Morrison Drive, Ridgley Tract and Granview Road are in need of berm work, pot hole patching, or crack sealing, but the extent they’ll receive resurfacing and repair has yet to be determined.

Black said he watched a demonstration of a device called a DuraPatcher in Hebron and was impressed. According to the company’s web site, instead of workers with shovels, tampers and hot mix, the DuraPatcher equipment uses a balanced compressed air wand to first clean, then apply a tack coat and finally spray an emulsion/ aggregate mix to fill a pothole, crack or recover fractured asphalt. The company claims the device eliminates the need for repeat repairs and can do the work of three employees, completing more repairs in less time than conventional patching. “It’s a patching machine,” said Black. Clearly, he said, Union Township couldn’t afford to purchase a DuraPatcher, however impressive it may be, but he hopes he can work out a deal with a neighbor that owns a DuraPatcher, like Licking Township, to rent or trade services for its use.

In other township news:

• Black said Harrison Township Trustees contacted Union Township to determine if there’s any formal agreement between the townships regarding maintenance of Gale Road. Harrison Township Trustees are looking for ways to limit duplication of services. Black said there might have been an agreement signed 20 years ago or so, but he wasn’t certain. “They’d like to instigate getting a new agreement done,” said Black.

“ We’ve discovered some longstanding unwritten arrangements with contiguous (townships and villages) and we are trying to track down any written agreements to substantiate them,” said Harrison Township Trustee Larry Kretzmann. He said Harrison Township Trustees and Etna Township Road Superintendent Mike Waller found some minutes from 1983 that explained an agreement between Harrison and Etna townships.

None of the current Harrison Township Trustees were in office in 1983. “So, we are now trying to establish written guidelines for our road superintendents to work with those around us to save money and duplication of work,” said Kretzmann.

• Trustees are still having difficulty ridding themselves of a steeple that used to adorn the Union Township Complex, which is the former Licking Baptist Church at 1380 Beaver Run Rd.

Trustees originally tried to sell the steeple by auction , setting a $500 minimum bid but had no takers. They decided to donate the steeple to a needy church but have now discovered that will require a lot of paperwork.

Township Administrator Paula Greene said trustees must pass a resolution explaining the donation process, which they did Monday night, and then advertise that the steeple is being donated. Trustee Jesse Ours said it seemed pretty ridiculous to pay to advertise a free donation, however, “rules are rules,” he said.

• Greene said the second half of a hearing where trustees are opposing the Mill Dam Corner Grille’s liquor license renewal is st for 1 p.m. on Monday, April 11, in Room D on the fourth floor of the Licking County Administration


During the first half of the hearing March 4, Licking County Assistant Prosecutor Austin Lecklider told Ohio Division of Liquor Control Hearing Officer James Bally that the grille presents “substantial interference” with the good order of Union Township because neighboring residents have complained about noise, litter, and parking. Lecklider said live music plays beyond an 11 p.m. noise limit, and patrons parking illegally on Mill Dam Road pose danger to Mill Dam motorists and to pedestrians crossing the road to enter or exit the grille. Several witnesses testified on the township’s behalf.

Time ran out before the grille’s owners –Kevin Gatton, Cindy Disbennett and Dan Tetreault – and their attorney could present their side and the hearing was continued. They are expected to present several hours of evidence and witness testimony on the establishment’s behalf.

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