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Trustees respond to letter


In answer to Mr. Smith’s questions regarding actions of the Walnut Township Trustees in the Sept. 19th edition of the Buckeye Lake Beacon.

Yes, there is a lawsuit. All comments and input by the residents present at all the public hearings held were taken into consideration by the boards holding the public hearings. No comments were ignored and to date NO permit has been issued by the Walnut Township Zoning Department for a Construction & Demolition Debris Landfill. Fairfield County Emergency Management requires us to have a Disaster Debris site to cover all of Walnut Township including Millersport, Thurston, and Fairfield Beach. Micro Construction signed a contract to allow the township to use a section of their property in case of an emergency as required by the County to receive any funding thru FEMA.

Yes, there are other pending lawsuits.

Yes, one of the terms he used was “chicken scratching”, but he also stated the township puts the fire levy on and collects the money and they are to supply Fire/EMS protection to all township and village residents. They figured out what it cost to run each department including manpower for 24 hour coverage. It is distributed so we get the “best bang for our bucks”. Walter Gabriel is he’s own man and is certainly not a rubber stamp. During his tenure, he has voted against the other trustees on several other issues.

Yes, the Village of Thurston and the trustees replaced an outdated unreliable tanker truck as the Thurston-Walnut Township Fire Department coverage area consists of more township area without hydrants. Only the Village of Millersport, North Bank area and Village of Thurston has fire hydrants. According to fire department records, any fire truck that carries 1250 gallons of water is considered a tanker. According to Millersport’s 2009 Fire Inventory there are 2 engine/Tankers stationed at Fairfield Beach Station.

The Thurston-Walnut Township Fire Department has their medic and tanker payments and payroll included in their annual budget. They had to make cuts other places to include these in their budget, just like Millersport Fire Dept. has their payments and payroll included in their annual budget. Thurston Fire Department’s budget also includes the additional Fire Tax Levy that the Village of Thurston residents pay on top of the Township Fire Levies.

Nowhere did Sonny say I would abolish Millersport Fire Department. A copy of the deposition is in my possession and that is a totally false statement. You are welcome to come in and read it anytime. We realize the need for two (2) fire departments in Walnut Township as all township residents deserve equal coverage.

Concerning our health care policy, it was changed several years ago for a substantial cost savings which included a $5000.00 deductible for a family. We are not covered by an “elite plan”. This is another area of misinformation.

We, the Walnut Township Trustees, thank you for bringing these false statements to our attention that you say are going around. We invite anyone with questions regarding township issues to contact us personally. We have always had an open door policy and are willing to discuss any issue with you. Call the township office 467-2420 if you need one of our numbers.

Walnut Township Trustees
Alan Dupler, Walter Gabriel,
Ralph Zollinger

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copy of their email. Trustees

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limit for letters about the election
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