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Trustees reject low bid for new salt bin

UNION TOWNSHIP – Construction on a new Union Township salt bin will soon begin – just in time for spring. Monday night, trustees unanimously agreed to hire Quality Excavating and Construction to build the 40’ x 60’ bin. Quality submitted the third lowest bid at $91,800, above Miller Builders at $89,000, and A&B Construction of Iowa at $87,450.

“A&B appears reputable, but I’d rather stay (with a contractor) within the State of Ohio,” said Trustee President Rick Black. “I have concerns dealing with someone four states away.” He said if the finished bin has any problems or should changes to it be necessary, he preferred a local contractor. “I’d rather spend a few more dollars for someone closer by,” said Black. “We have more responsibility than the low bid.”

Trustees were told previously that A&B Construction has never worked in Ohio, but the company is beginning a project in Akron and willing to travel to Union Township.

Black said both he and Trustee John Slater looked into Miller Builders and said both were “greatly cautioned” from several sources that Miller has reliability issues, even though the product itself is fine. “That’s the last thing we need at this point,” said Black. He said he was familiar with Quality Excavating and Construction and impressed with its products and reliability. The other trustees agreed.

Black said he hopes to meet with Quality next week to work out a construction schedule.

The other bids included Robertson Construction, $96,800; Bryant, $97,311; Charter Hill Construction, $97,440; Drummond Construction, $125,800; and Project Construction, $125,975.

In other township news:

• Trustees agreed to purchase a new Scag mower with a trailer and an extra trimmer for roughly $11,000. Slater said since the township will have a new mower, the Licking Cemetery Association relinquished its cemetery maintenance to the township.

Previously, Licking Cemetery Association Chair Henry Porter told trustees that the association planned to disband although they may reconsider if trustees demolish the abandoned Baptist church at the corner of Beaver Run and Canyon roads. Cemetery maintenance is now solely the township’s responsibility, regardless of the status of the church.

Township Administrator Paula Greene said previously that she believes the Baptist Association held the deed to the old church, which is boarded up and in very poor condition. American Baptist Churches of Ohio representatives have said their organization no longer has responsibility for the church, leaving the trustees at a loss as to what to do with it.

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