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Trustees focusing on road repairs

UNION TOWNSHIP – After considerable discussion going back to 2014, trustees unanimously agreed Monday night to spend up to $80,000 to purchase a new Durapatcher off the state bid list.

The total includes a used heated 1,500 gallon tank to store the speciality emulsion. Last year, trustees first discussed acquiring an ownership in Licking Township’s unit and then a shared purchase with the Village of Hebron. Licking Township opted to retain full ownership and Hebron was already committed to several major projects.

The Durapatcher will be used to seal cracks, fill potholes and cover ‘alligatored’ areas. Water is the # 1 pavement killer, particularly during freeze/thaw cycles. By sealing off water, trustees expect to add several years of additional life to roadways just starting to show stress.

Earlier this year, JG3, a Heath based pavement management firm, completed a condition assessment of the township’s 50-some miles of center-line roadway. Roadway segments are scored on a 0-100 Pavement Condition Index with 0-19 considered failed. Union Township’s roads averaged 64 which is a strong fair (50-67).

Trustees are using the JG3 assessment to guide repaving priorities and strategies. The first focus is the Fairmount subdivision off Deeds and Gale roads. An approximately 400 foot section of Drogheda Court has completely failed, requiring a total reconstruction. Trustees are evaluating the cost of a full-depth reclamation process that pulverizes the existing pavement in place and then blends it with the existing base to provide a better base for a new course(s) of asphalt.

Township road workers began cutting out several large sections of the existing roadway this week at the end of Balbriggan Lane and on the first section of Connemara Drive. The failed asphalt is removed and if needed the base is also replaced. The excavations are then returned to grade using a crushed limestone that compacts well. These areas will be resurfaced this summer after the cuts stabilize. An area on Stone Creek Drive in the Stone Creek subdivision is getting the same treatment.

Trustees are waiting for some estimates on the Drogheda Court replacement before setting the scope of this year’s resurfacing projects and seeking specific bids.

Two weeks ago, trustees unanimously awarded a contract to Mowtivated Mowers of Granville to mow three inactive township cemeteries, Licking Cemetery and the township complex on Beaver Run Road. Trustees moved to a contract mower last year allow its two-man road crew to concentrate on roadway and ditch maintenance. A seasonal employee mows along township roads. Mowtivated was the low bid last year and narrowly maintained it this year with a $359 quote for all five parcels. Lakewood Lawn Service bid $370. Bids ranged up to $874. Trustees included an option in this year’s contract to extend it for an additional year if the contractor agrees.

Trustees recently took ownership of the Licking Cemetery at the intersection of Beaver Run and Canyon roads from the Licking Cemetery Association. Townships, per Ohio law, are the owner of last resort for cemeteries in the township. The association board was getting old and the adjacent deteriorating former Licking Baptist Church was threatening the cemetery’s viability.

Ownership of the church building is still up in the air. The Licking Baptist Church was disbanded after a pastor was accused of sexual misconduct. The church was part of the American Baptist Churches of Ohio based in Granville. The organization disavows any ownership of building. The township will eventually end up with the church property but that is months if not years away.

The cemetery association completed a major upgrade last summer, resetting and repairing monuments in the cemetery’s oldest section. The work included a new brick monument sign for the cemetery.

Trustees have been consulting with Rick Hoskinson of Hoskinson Funeral and Cremation Service and the assistant county prosecutor Austin Lecklider as they develop rules and regulations for the still-active cemetery and set prices for lots and interments.

After awarding an up to two-year mowing contract, trustees unanimously decided to seek sealed bids to sell a Scag Turf Tiger Zero Turn Mower with just 15hoursonit andits6x12footutility trailer. Minimum bids were set at $8,000 and $800 respectively. Sealed bids will be accepted until noon on Friday, May 29. For more information visit

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