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Trustees explain road bids rejection

HEBRON- Union Township Trustees sent a joint letter to the Shelly Company and Mid-Ohio Paving, Inc. explaining why they rejected bids from both companies and delayed the township’s annual resurfacing project until next year.

The project, which included paving several township subdivision roads, ran into a snag when trustees approved the Shelly Company bid that was $20,000 more than the competing Mid- Ohio Paving bid.

According to the letter, “Mid- Ohio Paving submitted the low bid. Initially, the low bid was submitted with inaccurate information. Specifically, the low bid indicated that Mid-Ohio paving would use cold mix asphalt (CM- 150) for this project. After a brief investigation, it was discovered that Mid-Ohio Paving did not intend to use CM-150 and had, in fact, calculated the project cost with another material with different chemical qualities. Mid-Ohio Paving calculated the costs using a hot mix asphalt rather than a cold mix asphalt. This change was not indicated in the bid documents and it allowed Mid-Ohio Paving to underbid another contractor who complied with the specifications. The low bidder is unable to complete the bid as submitted, i.e. Mid-Ohio cannot follow all of the specifications, including using CM-150 and complete the project at the price submitted to the (trustee) board. Therefore, the board rejected Mid-Ohio’s bid as non-responsive.

“However, the bid will not be awarded to The Shelly Company, the other company submitting the bid. Instead all bids will be rejected and the project will be rebid because Shelly Company developed the bid specifications and then bid on that same project. The new bid will be pursuant to specifications that are developed by an entity that is not bidding on the project. This will ensure that all bidders will be on equal footing in the future.”

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