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Trustee vote important for township’s future


I want to thank the Dogwood Lakes and Somerset Road area residents for their patience with the inconvenience created by our Bowling Green Township resurfacing project.

By working hard to maximize evaluation points, we were finally awarded an Ohio Public Works Commission grant which made this project possible. Past grant applications failed due to a lack of study, cooperation and attention to maximizing points.

Success as a trustee is more than moving snow, clearing ditches and campaign waving while wearing safety color shirts. More positive efforts should be and can be accomplished.

Voters will fill two trustee seats on Nov. 5. The best candidates will be competent and mature, serving with civility and able to disagree without creating a disrespectful environment.

The drama of the moment often takes center stage as political pundits do thing. I will work hard to maximize fund and grant opportunities as your township trustee for two more years. Together, we can get it done.

All candidates should be heard; not just those featured at the recent biased meet the candidates set up for the two incumbents. Voters can check out ALL the candidates in their own words at chorpenning. It is in your hands to choose wisely at the ballot box for our township’s future.

Jeff Chorpenning
Bowling Green Township

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