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Trustee: Franklin Township levies will not increase real estate taxes


This is in response to Charles Tisdale’s letter. There are a couple of untruths in Mr. Tisdale’s letter. In the first sentence he asks “are you ready for MORE real estate taxes” The 2 mill levy that’s on the up coming ballot for ROADS is the same millage that Franklin Township residents have been paying for the last 21 years. The 2 mill levy for FIRE is the same millage residents have been paying for the last nine years. The trustees are not increasing real estate taxes on this upcoming ballot!

Mr. Tisdale also implied that a special ball batting cage for “some people” was paid for with township funds. There is no batting cage, some netting was purchased by Trustee Saling with his own money to hang to protect the windows from balls being hit by a team of girls ages 7 and 8 that he coaches. This room is also used by a 4-H dog club.

As to the $5.00 License plate tax, the required two public hearings were held for public input. Twelve people showed up for the first one and seven people for the second. The trustees chose to implement this tax. 100% of this tax comes back to the township and is used for the maintenance of the roads.

The only choice the trustees have with regard to residents being billed if they are transported by Heath and National Trail Fire Depts. is to not contract with them. That would mean Licking Township Fire Co. covering the entire township, they have indicated that they are not comfortable with that and believe we have the best coverage with the current set up. I personally feel that the amount of money involved is a small price to pay if I have a medical emergency.

I believe we do a good job of maintaining our township roads with the 2 mill levy. Just compare our roads with other townships that have budgets the same size as ours and that will be evident to you.

Our 2 mill Fire levy along with three other townships is the lowest in the county, the other 21 townships all have higher millage, from 3 mills to 9 mills for Fire/ EMS protection.

I urge you to vote YES to RENEW the Franklin Township ROAD and FIRE Levies.

Dave Lang
Franklin Township Trustee

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