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Tree attacks Bowling Green Township ‘watchdog’


I would like to start off with a some news about a recent event. The local Moundbuilders Toastmasters Club toured Buckeye Lake aboard the Queen of the Lake II. We enjoyed ideal weather conditions and the tour was fantastic. I would highly recommend it for anyone that has never taken this tour before. We all enjoyed the extensive historical and personal comments made by our tour guide (Buckeye Lake Museum director) J-me Braig. She is a life long lake resident and has a wealth of “personal” knowledge about the happenings on the lake. So take the time to check it out. For you guys…it is very inexpensive and should qualify as a date, HINT, HINT!

Now on to a subject that I even hate to mention, but must, due to the many friends, family members, neighbors and former coworkers that have recently dropped off food and other goodies at my house, let alone all those who called, emailed or stopped by to offer assistance. Why, the BGT Watchdog made a really dumb mistake when the storm rolled through the county. We had a big oak tree fall and block our the dead-end road. As a result, my wife and daughter could not get to our home. So, as usual, I pack up my trusty chainsaws and went down to my neighbor’s house to, as they say, “get-r-done”. But in my haste, not wanting to waste time to wait on my neighbor to get his tractor around the blockage and chain a limb down, I start to cut some of it up by myself. Well, as some of you know, I have cut up hundreds of trees…and really should have known better, but “it” finally happened! The one limb I picked was spring loaded and it moved down rather quickly. The entire tree limb then also decided to roll and I did not have a chance to jump all the way out of the way. It pinned my right leg, basically crushing it with its weight. Eventually, we were able to cut off a short section and get if off my leg. I knew it was not good, when I picked up my leg and my shoe/ankle were sort of dangling on the end.

I want to thank the volunteer emergency squad that came to transport me out. They came out of Gratiot and took me to Licking Memorial in Newark. What a ride, since it was right after the storm had passed and we had all sorts of things in and around the roadways. But they took great care of me and thankfully gave me plenty of pain medication to keep my pain level to a minimum. This is what “volunteering” is all about! My thanks go out to all of these folks, who volunteer their time to deal with our many dumb mistakes and accidents.

I received excellent care at the hospital during my two day stay, even though several folks told me not to go to Licking Memorial. Thanks again to my Nurse (Beth) and Tech (Morgan).

Anyway, THANK YOU for all the help and support. I will do all I can to remember what I call, “my little tap on the shoulder, from God”. I’m sure God was using the past show and tell sessions, about the real dangers of this sort of work, for a reason. I guess it was time for him to give me an actual real life lesson….a personal wake up call so to speak. All I can say back to him is, thanks for NOT making this lesson any harder and YES, INDEED I GET IT! I have a rather long titanium rod inside one of my bones, to allow me to remember this incident forever.

So I will be back on the township antics and events next time, since we are way behind on some of these issues now.

Will “Watchdog” Kern Bowling Green Township

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