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Township to stop recycling activities April 15

MILLERSPORT – Walnut Township is stopping all recycling activities on Wednesday, April 15.

The discussion started innocently at Tuesday night’s trustee meeting. A new business item on the agenda asked if trustees were interested in doing another Spring Specialty Recycling Day. Interest had fallen off when trustees stopped advertising the event.

“I think we should do away with all recycling,” Trustee Ralph Zollinger suggested early in the discussion. “All it does is cost us money.”

Walnut Township has been more involved in recycling than any other lake-area township. The township has its own recycling trailers and has maintained a dropoff area just south of the township offices for years. The township partners with the Millersport Lions Club for labor.

Lion Bob James noted Tuesday night that the closure of the Sonoco paper mill in Lancaster will make it very difficult to find a buyer for used corrugated packaging.

“Why not get the county trailers in here and let them worry about it?” Trustee Wally Gabriel asked. Trustees unanimously approved Zollinger’s motion to cancel all recycling. “It is due to the inability to get rid of it,” Gabriel explained.

In other business Tuesday night, Trustee Sonny Dupler complained that the Village of Millersport has only provided one of the four items specified in a Feb. 11 public records request.

Trustees asked for:

1. A fire department roster;

2. Duty schedules for November and December 2008 and January and February 2009;

3. A complete inventory of fire department’s equipment as of February 9, 2009; and

4. The two orginal contracts signed by trustees in December and rejected by the Millersport Council.

Dupler claimed that only the contracts have been returned. “What are we going to do about it?” he asked. He wants the duty schedule to see if the department is meeting the cardholder requirements in the contract.

“Submit it again,” Gabriel suggested. “Then talk to the prosecutor if that doesn’t suffice.” Zoning Inspector Ralph Reeb suggested sending a second request via certified mail and copying the prosecutor’s office.

Mayor’s Assistant Vince Popo who handles most the fire contract administration said he gave Dupler a fire department roster when the public records request was handdelivered in February. The list includes each member’s certification. Popo added that trustees get the bi-weekly time sheets for each paid fire department employee detailing the day, hours worked and assigned station.

“He (Dupler) has what he has requested,” Popo said. “The Public Records Law doesn’t require us to create documents that don’t exist.”

“I don’t know what he wants on the fire department equipment inventory,” Popo added. “Does he want it down to the last BandAid? Again, we don’t have to create documents that don’t exist.”

Some Millersport officials believe Dupler is looking for an excuse to withhold the department’s first payment in 2009 which is due April 24.

Trustees decided to table a plan to send letters to property owners asking them to remove their junk vehicles.

“You are spinning your wheels without an (enforcement) resolution in place,” Reeb said. “What if they don’t do it?”

“I don’t see any way to enforce it,” Dupler responded.

“If there isn’t enforcement in it, why send out a letter?” Reeb asked. “Let’s make sure we do it properly. Jason Dolan (assistant county prosecutor) should guide the trustees on the best way to do it.”

Trustees also set a $20,000 minimum bid for a 1997 Ford New Holland 7740 4-wheel drive tractor. Sealed bids will be due at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, April 28.

Bids will due at same time for the township’s 2009 Road Maintenance Program. Trustees want to see how far their $150,000 resurfacing budget will go this year. Contractors will be submitting their material and labor prices.

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