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Township park volunteers thanked


It’s apparently watchdog season in Bowling Green Township likely due to the fortunately contested upcoming election of two trustees on November 5th. Some of the watchdogs are sniffing out wrong doing and the truth, while other sniffers are following fake scents and wild goose chases.

I welcome all the criticisms in order to get to the reality beyond sound bites. A few verbal folks have doing all they can to discredit and relegate the honest works of our township volunteer Park Committee. All investigations have lead to no wrong doing found. A false narrative continues to be played like a broken record by the negative minded few. I am proud and honored to have assisted the Park Committee’s successful grant-funded efforts.

I enjoy seeing our youngest residents and visitors playing on the grant-funded playground equipment. Unforuntately, a loud minority will likely to continue to play that broken record. The truth is steadfast.

Thank you Barb Wiseman, Park Committee President and your team of volunteers for making it happen in Bowling Green Township! Sipping lemonade after an active summer day and sharing stories of yesteryear on Barb Wiseman’s front porch will be positive memories of this summer 2013. Barb’s porch provides a fully open perspective across Historic National Road (U.S. 40) to Bowling Green Township’s Community Park.

Jeff Chorpenning
Bowling Green Township

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