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Tire collection day partners thanked


On Saturday, July 24, the Licking County Health Department held a scrap tire drop-off event at Lakewood High School. During the event we were able to collect approximately 6,000 tires. The tires will be properly recycled and reused for beneficial purposes. In doing so, we were able to eliminate a large number of potential mosquito breeding sites from around the county. This will prevent the spread of serious mosquito-borne diseases such as West Nile Virus and encephalitis.

The health department would like to extend its appreciation to the Lakewood Local School District, the Licking County Sheriff’s Office and the Licking-Muskingum Community Correctional Center. Without the help of these organizations, this event would not have been possible. The Lakewood Local School District offered the use of the high school grounds for us to hold the event. Due to the fact that we collected nearly three times the amount of tires that was anticipated, some tires are still present at the high school. The District has been most understanding about the situation, and our office is working to remove all of the tires as quickly as possible. We would like to offer our utmost gratitude to the Lakewood Local School District for being so understanding and for being a willing partner on a project that was beneficial to the community.

Additionally, the Licking County Sheriff’s Office and Licking-Muskingum Community Correctional Center made inmates from their facilities available to assist with the loading of the tires into the semi trailers for transport. Both organizations also provided staff to oversee and transport the inmates during the event and the subsequent cleanup activities. This assistance has been vital in transporting the tires to a licensed recycling facility.

In closing, I would like to personally thank everyone involved with the event for helping to make it a success. We were able to remove a large amount of tires from around the county and protect the public health a large number of residents as a result. Without these willing partners the outcome of this event would have been drastically different.
Joe Ebel

Health Commissioner
Licking County Health Department

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