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Tips to maintain control in bad weather

COLUMBUS – With January’s weather calling for more snow, ice and freezing rain over the entire state, the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) is reminding motorists in Ice and Snow…Take it Slow, and don’t use cruise control.

While that feature on many vehicles helps to control speed and improve gas mileage, cruise control in ice and snow is not a safe choice.

“When conditions become icy, the best advice is to keep your foot on the pedal and be ready to brake,” said ODOT Director James Beasley. “You should always be in control in ice and snow, not the car.”

More than 5,000 crashes last winter were blamed on drivers going too fast for the conditions on the road. Excessive speed continues to be one of the biggest factors for crashes in ice and snow. Drivers who don’t remember in ice and snow to take it slow are six times more likely to get into a crash, compared to non-winter driving.

Since the weather can change mile to mile from rain to ice or even snow, ODOT reminds motorists to avoid abrupt maneuvers. Sudden movements can cause you to slide, especially when ice and freezing rain are forecasted.

When merging into traffic, take it slow especially on bridges, ramps and overpasses. When the mercury dips, bridges and overpasses freeze first because of the continuous airflow both above and below the structure. Brake early, brake slowly, brake correctly, and never slam on your brakes.

ODOT encourages motorists to plan before you go in ice and snow, no matter what time of day or night. For safe winter driving, get the most up-to-date traffic information and 24-hour road conditions at www.buckeyetraffic. org.

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