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Time to get involved in fighting sewer rate increase


Do you have an additional $400 in your pocket to give to the Licking County Water and Wastewater Department? NO?

Have you signed the petition in opposition to the rate increase and the manner in which the Licking County Commissioners are notifying us? NO?

Are you going to let your neighbors, once again, deal with the problems affecting your life?

Are you going to continue to set idly by as another 3,000 new homes are constructed around the lake and then pay for another expansion of our wastewater treatment plant so that our new neighbors can have sewer service?

Are you familiar with any of these new developments around the lake, each of which is taxing the capacity of our wastewater treatment plant? The Woods, Mallory Square, The Landings at Maple Bay, North Shore, Compass Point, North Point, Crescent Cove, Hollywood Farms and Snug Harbor?

You need to attend the meeting at Lakewood High School on Wednesday, January 31st at 7:00 p.m. and participate in the process of letting our elected officials know that the proposed sewer rate increase is not acceptable.

Merv Bartholow Harbor Hills

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