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Time for a change on the school board


In response to the letter from the Walnut Township School Board incumbents headlined “District is better off than four years ago”.

One included “accomplishment” was the current unemployment rate. I’m not sure our School Board can boast about this soon after eliminating many positions. There was mention of athletic and academic achievements. One that caught my attention was of Coach Terry Holbert being awarded Coach of the Year. It’s ironic these board members took credit of this in wake of Coach Holbert and his wife both leaving the district for greener pastures due to financial turmoil.

It’s time for new thoughts and ideas from the board. It’s apparent they have failed to hold our administration accountable for spending. This negligence forced them to make decisions that negatively affected many families in our community.

It is time for change. There are too many kids that still live in our district who are attending neighboring schools. It’s time to make Millersport Schools the kind of place everyone wants to be a part of. We cannot afford to gamble another four years with the same people who have been there the last four.

I stand by my statement from “Meet the Candidates”. If you feel our school is better today than it was four years ago, you should vote for any of the incumbents. If you agree with others in our community that things need to improve, please support Richard A. Thompson and Holly Armstrong. #VoteForRickAndHolly

Richard A. Thompson
Walnut Township

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