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Thurston water treatment plant starts up

THURSTON – Village council members and officers announced that the village’s new water treatment plant is becoming operational, but Baltimore Village Administrator Scott Brown said Thurston continues to purchase bulk water from Baltimore for the time being.

According to a Dec. 17 press release, water treatment operations at the new facility started Dec. 17, 2014. The plant, owned and operated by the Village of Thurston, is designed to treat 140,000 gallons of ground water per day via filtration, softening and disinfection. The facility will permit the village to pump, treat and distribute potable water to their system customers in lieu of purchasing bulk water for distribution.

The $3.3 million project has been financed with the assistance of the Ohio Water Development Authority. The project was designed by GGC Engineers, Inc. (Gahanna, OH). Project contractors include: Warthman Drilling, Inc. (Sugar Grove, OH) – Well Construction; Rock River Construction, Ltd. (Lancaster, OH) – Well Electrical/Raw Water Transmission Line; Mid Atlantic Storage Systems, Inc. (Washington Courthouse, OH) – Storage Facility; and Engineered Fluid, Inc. (Centralia, IL) – Water Treatment Plant.

“Currently, Thurston is still purchasing water from Baltimore,” Brown said Tuesday. “The Village of Thurston started the water plant up in the middle of December to do a test run.”

Brown said the Village of Thurston has some distribution system items still to work out prior to generating drinking water full time. “I do not have a time line of when Thurston plans to begin operating their water treatment plant and discontinue buying water from the Village of Baltimore,” he said.

GGC Engineers Vice President Barbara Anderson said there are still some details to address at the Thurston public water facility, but she said the plant is fully operational. Anderson said Thurston has remained attached to the Baltimore system as the Thurston system is tested just in case there is a problem, but she said Thurston officials will decide soon when to sever Thurston’s system from Baltimore’s permanently and function completely independently.

Thurston officials could not be reached for comment.

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