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Three reasons to support Lakewood Schools levy


We encourage Lakewood School District residents to VOTE FOR the Lakewood Schools Levy. We have three reasons why we believe a VOTE FOR the Lakewood levy is warranted.

One: Schools are a product of their community.

Two: Stable school districts draw residents for growth and home sales.

Three: Taxes paid to the local school district are more financially affordable than fees to private or parochial schools.

Our Lakewood community is a strong, vibrant community, one that is safe, healthy for our children, and hold dear the moral and ethical values we share. The school system is a direct result of the good people in the community that care about children and their impact as our leaders of tomorrow.

A stable school district draws new residents. If you want to sell your home; you will need someone to buy it. A strong, healthy school district is a factor for real estate purchases. Location, location, location; Lakewood is a great location, quick access to I-70; reasonable commute to Columbus or Zanesville, yet retaining the small town values many have of us prefer.

No one wants higher taxes; however, House Bill 66 has created the ‘Perfect Storm’ scenario for school districts all over the state, eliminating tax dollars from business and shifting the burden to local residents. We feel strongly that as parents, we must do what is necessary to ensure that our children receive a good education. For us, it is most cost effective to pay more in taxes than to pay a large yearly tuition at a private or parochial school that still does not guarantee a better education.

Lakewood is a wonderful community to live, work and worship. The whole community deserves to be proud of the district and the strong education it provides. Students should be proud of their school district, be proud of their extracurricular activities and have busses to take them safely to school.

We hope you will join us in VOTING FOR the Lakewood levy.
Don and Misty Davis

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