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Thornville sewer connection construction begins

NEW LEXINGTON – Construction on the link connecting the Village of Thornville wastewater treatment plant with the new collection system along Honey Creek Road officially began Thursday, March 26.

But it may be a couple weeks before the first dirt is turned. Contractors and Perry County officials met Wednesday morning at the Perry County Administration Building in New Lexington for a pre-construction meeting.

The project is divided into three parts, each with its own contractor. Part A is roughly 8,000 feet of eight inch force main piping along Zion Road into Thornville. Part B is a new lift station and upgrades to an exiting lift station. Part C is 1,900 feet of gravity sewer line with seven manholes and service connections along Coot Road and Township Road 500 in Thorn Township.

Mitch Altier of M•E Companies engineering said parts A and C should be complete by July 24 and Part B by Sept. 22. Perry Reclaiming, Inc. of Corning is building Part A, the force main; McClory & Company, Inc. of Obetz is building Part B, the lift station; and LE King & Son Excavating, Inc. of Granville is building Part C, the gravity sewer. Altier said the contractors may receive time extensions if absolutely necessary, although he stressed it’s important to stay on schedule.

Perry Reclaiming bid $155,738 for Part A, McClory & Company bid $327,000 for Part B; and LE King & Son Excavating bid $134,054.80 for Part C. All three bids were significantly below the engineer’s estimates of $280,000 for Part A, $350,000 for Part B, and $300,000 for Part C.

Property owner John Hagan said Thornville should clear up an easement issue before the work starts. The project will run through part of his property. He said back in the 1960s the village claimed an easement, or unlimited access, to his entire 100-acre property, which someone else owned at the time. Hagan said he tried in 1996 to change the easement to say the village only has access to what’s necessary for utility installation and not the entire property, but was ignored.

Thornville Village Administrator Ron Koehler, present at the meeting, said someone would look at the property soon. “It will be done,” he said, adding that no one plans to do anything other than what’s necessary on the property. Koehler added that the village would look into the easement agreement and operate the construction process in good faith, but in all reality the contractor has the right to begin work whenever it’s ready. Neither Koehler nor Hagan wanted the situation to become a court battle.

Altier didn’t expect any roads to be closed completely during any part of the construction process.

As the work progresses, the contractors are responsible to remove all excess excavated materials and excess construction material, keep drains, driveways, and roadways open, trenches completely backfilled, and the site in an orderly fashion in order to maintain the least disruption.

Altier tentatively scheduled a progress meeting with the contractors Monday, May 4, 9 a.m. at the Thornville Village Office.

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