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Thornville hopes pool memberships heat up

THORNVILLE – Granted, Memorial Day Weekend’s temperatures weren’t exactly blazing, but Thornville Administrator Beth Patrick said the Thornville pool’s opening weekend was weak compared to previous years.

“We had 75 pool memberships as of (Tuesday) said Patrick Wednesday. “That does seem a little lower than usual.” She said she understands that early spring didn’t place everyone in the summer spirit. “We had 30 degrees in April,” said Patrick.

Anyway, Patrick said the days are heating up and the pool desperately needs community support in the form of more memberships. “It’s fun, but it’s a business. We need to break even or make a profit,” she said. “It’s very tough to operate it.” The cost of food for the concession stand and supplies for the pool keep rising, but the village has kept its membership rates the same this year. “It snowballs. Paint is $125 a gallon,” said Patrick. “It’s a great thing for the kids and the community. We’re trying to do the best we can do. It’s a balancing act.”

Patrick said the village pool was built in the 1960s and needs maintenance. “I imagine every village with a pool deals with the same thing,” she said. Patrick said every membership, food purchase, and especially donation helps to fund the pool and all are appreciated.

“ We have the best rates around,” said Thornville Village Council member Dale Brussee. “We’re in the 52nd year for a pool that was supposed to last 25 years. It’s still looking good.”

The Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, requires that public and semi-public swimming pools provide a pool lift for every 300 feet of swimming pool perimeter. Patrick said Thornville’s pool is in compliance and she appreciates the donations that helped make that happen. “We’re hoping for a hot summer,” she said.

Council President Mary Renner said the village raised pool rates for a couple years, but it was decided to lower those rates to where they were in 2006.

Patrick said village residents pay lees because they already pay for a parks and recreation levy, which helps fund the pool.

For the 2013 season, a family membership for Thornville residents is $110 up to five members and each additional family member is $10. A single Thornville residents pay $60 for the season, couples pay $75 and seniors pay $35.

For those who live outside of the Thornville Corporation limits, a family membership is $130 up to five members and each additional family member is $10. A single pays $80 for the season, couples pay $95 and seniors pay $35.

The Millersport community pool should open on time. “We’re planning on it,” said Millersport mayor’s assistant Vince Popo. He said a company has found some leaks that will reudce water usage. “Every year we do lose money on (the pool),” said Popo, but it’ll be in operation this year.

Membership rates for the Millersport pool are singles, $80; families up to six immediate members living at home, $200 and each additional family member is $20; children age two and under are free; and seniors with a Golden Buckeye Card are $60.

“Baltimore acquired an ADA lift last year,” said Baltimore Administrator Scott Brown. “The swimming pool will open without delay.”

Membership rates for Baltimore Village residents are single, $90; families up to four members $200 and each additional family member is $20; and babysitter is $20 (with family pass). For those who live outside of the village limits, singles are $150; families up to four members are $260 and each additional family member is $20; and babysitter is $20.00 (with family pass). Swim lessons are $30 for members and $40 for non-members, pool rental is $150 plus 50¢ per person.

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